Protecting our community in this pandemic project.

 Dear APPNA-Ohio members:

APPNA Ohio is collaborating with CAPA - Ohio (community association of Pakistani Americans in ohio)  and central APPNA to raise funds for help our local community during COVID 19 pandemic.  

Please donate online to APPNA-Ohio by clicking "donate now" at the end of this page.

1. To provide protective masks to every Pakistani American family (about 800 families) in Columbus and central ohio area (surgical and N95/KN95 as needed) to help in their safety during pandemic.    
2. Extra donations received will be used to help poor families in Pakistan during quarantine and Ramadan by providing food for a month which will cost about $25/family/month.

Shahid Sheikh


Dr. Huma Nabi 

President APPNA-Ohio 


Message from APPNA  

Dear APPNA members,

As you all know that the whole world is going through a very critical period. 185 countries are fighting the biggest pandemic of this century. Up until now 400,000 cases of Coronavirus infection have been confirmed, leading to death toll over 17,000 globally. APPNA has been in action to help our fellow humans and do its part during this disaster. APPNA COVID-19 task force and SWDRC are working together to coordinate the efforts both in USA & Pakistan. APPNA has immediately released $5000 for food distribution in USA in collaboration with ICNA Relief. They have a well established food pantry system and our donation will be well utilized in our local communities. This will help feed needy families who have lost their livelihood due to loss of job & resources. 

APPNA has also partnered with Saylani trust a renowned & well respected organization in Pakistan which provides food to poor in Sindh & Punjab. $5000 have been released to the Trust to provide food for 750 deserving families for 10 days in Pakistan who have been hit hard by the economic aftermath of the pandemic. We are actively looking for partners in other provinces as well.

Last but not the least, we are working to secure PPE (personal protective equipment) on urgent basis from international vendors including China. PPE will be provided to healthcare professionals who are at the forefront in healthcare facilities throughout Pakistan. The funds for these measures have been donated by APPNA EC, APPNA BOT, COVID-19 task force and SWDRC members. Initially $20,000 has been donated and subsequently $72,000 has been pledged by APPNA volunteers & generous members. We would like to make a humble request to all of you, to please donate generously to help our fellow citizens in USA and Pakistan in this difficult time of our life. Please use the donate button below to make your contribution. You can earmark your donation for a specific place and purpose. APPNA will make sure to comply with your request.

The need is now and time is of essence. Let's join hands to save lives and help those in need.
May God help us all in our efforts and keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Thanking in anticipation,


Aisha Zafar, MD

Sajid Chaudhary, MD
Chair, APPNA COVID-19 task force

Naheed Usmani, MD
President, APPNA 2020 


Protecting our community in pandemic Fund

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